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FamilyTreeDNA results

While I was sick with Covid-19, FamilyTreeDNA sent my autosomal and ethnicity results. Now that I’m getting better, I can review it. Let’s start with the ethnicity results — Between FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry and 23andme, all have shown a substantial amount in the central European region, i.e., Germany, Netherlands, France, which makes sense because I am very … Continue reading FamilyTreeDNA results

Mitochondrial DNA

I have taken two autosomal DNA tests, through Ancestry and 23andme. There are three kinds of tests: (1) autosomal tests look at chromosomes 1-22 and X. The autosomes (chrom 1-22) are inherited from both parents and all recent ancestors. (2) Y-DNA tests look at only the Y-chromosome, which is inherited father to son, and can … Continue reading Mitochondrial DNA

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