Martha Carr Schoudel obituary

This news clipping is from The Waterloo Press (Indiana), from January 7, 1892 about Martha Carr (not Garr). She died at the age of 42 from puerperal fever, which is caused by a uterine infection following childbirth. Sadly, she left behind her husband and a (whopping) eleven children, including the baby she had given birth to a week before.

I was chatting with a fourth cousin I contacted through my DNA search — I was trying to find out if she had more information on Martha Carr as the only information I had heard was she was from Ohio. My cousin didn’t have much more, except that when Martha came to the (very German) community, people didn’t adjust to her too well because she was Irish. I don’t know yet if she came from Ireland and it was general discrimination that people felt with the Irish, or what — however, because of this, my thinking is she probably did emigrate from Ireland. Definitely should focus on research in that area to see if I can find her place of origin.

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