Tombstone Tuesday — Johanna Ooms

I find tombstones very interesting. My father and I have visited several cemeteries in search of ancestors — this is something I don’t tell people because they may think I’m odd. But I know other family historians (and my father) thank goodness completely understand me. Today’s tombstone is interesting because it is in Dutch. Johanna Ooms was only 18 years old when she died of cancer of the knee. She was one of my father’s aunts and the first of Adam and Gertrude (Dekker) Ooms’ twelve children. The verse underneath the dates means “I will sing eternally of God’s Mercy” (from Psalm 89). Even with Google translate it took awhile to figure out the translation, and “goedertierenheen” came up with some strange translations. Even if I typed the entire verse in, it didn’t come out right. “I will sing simply from God’s good tires” for sure is not correct.

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